Sorbent Thick & Large Facial Tissues - 95 Pack

Soft, strong and extra thick.

Biodegradable Paper

Suitable for all systems

Extra Soft and Thick

Made for the whole family in mind

Recyclable packaging

Return your plastic packaging to your local Redcycle

4.6/5 from over 500 Reviews

Testimonials from the Tush

Sheila (Amazon)

Sorbent Is Best!

Sorbent toilet paper never lets you down, it’s soft, absorbent and excellent value for money.

Amy (Amazon)

It’s toilet paper

It’s toilet paper what can I say it’s reliable and good lol

Raj (Amazon)

Soft and Silky

Very soft for delicate skin. fantastic toilet paper.

Eddie G (Amazon)

Clean Buttocks

Much better than sandpaper! Excellent product.

Doing Our Bit

We know that you care about the environment just as much as we do. Our strict zero deforestation policy is a testament to our commitment to sustainability, and we are committed to replanting 1,000,000 trees daily. Our wood pulp is also sourced from socially and environmentally sustainable forests.

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